film 5/

Since my last post discussing my film development efforts so far, I’ve developed 3 more films. Film 5; a roll of the humble Fomapan100 which I accidentally shot at 400ASA in my Konica C35, deserves a post of its own.

Conditions were partially cloudy if I recall correctly. I had a roll of Lomography Metropolis 400 in the camera and was changing films on the street, and totally forgot to adjust the ASA setting (this has been happening to me a lot recently), which you have to do manually on my C35. You can compensate for this during development though (I’m learning!), and the Massive Dev Chart recommended an almighty 26min development time using Rodinal 1:100. It was so worth it though, because I love the results. Londoners, do you recognise the locations?

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