dialogues with solitude

On Thursday last week, I went to The Photographers’ Gallery (TPG). A lot of great work on show at the moment, but I was most struck by the exhibition of David Heath’s Dialogues of Solitude. Like so many of these exhibitions at TPG, I’m discovering the work of a photographer, I should know, but don’t. Oof, and what great work. I love great portraiture.

With only 15 mins before closing, I only had enough time to study each picture long enough to recognise myself. These are the best portraits; where the emotions is so there, so recognisable.

Afterwards I walked around Soho in a light drizzle. Confidently, coolly through streets I know well. And yet, I feel like I must have looked slightly hunted / haunted / lost. Like one of DH’s subject’s.  Sometimes the crowd(ednes)s makes me feel anxious. Like I’m fighting my way through lines of wet curtains.

At Curzon Soho, a film called Birds of Passage is showing. I’d love to be able to fly. Instead I got the Bakerloo line.

split cam / film 1

Results from recent experimenting with a new toy cam I acquired recently. Very basic plastic camera called “split cam”. I bought mine at the Photographer’s Gallery in London for £7, but I’ve seen them go for as much as £30 on “gifts” sites. Don’t be a dummy and pay £30. I was too impatient to fill a whole roll before developing. I’m pretty pleased with the initial results. Let me know what you guys think. Do more?






Cjackie8-R1-16-16 (2)

Cjackie8-R1-17-17 (2)

Cjackie8-R1-20-20 (2)