berlin on film // haiku challenge

In May this year I responded to @berlinonfilmmag’s haiku challenge, and spent quite an enjoyable few hours, trying to write some haikus to go with some analog shots I have taken in Berlin in the past. I decided to share some of these in this post.

I even made an attempt at writing German versions for each one, with the help of Google translate, but in order to meet the syllable requirements of haikus, these became a grammatical offence to my German friends, so I will spare the readers. Although……one of my more forgiving German friends said it is so bad it is almost sweet and endearing. Let me know what you think of these.

This first image was taken near a very popular tourist attraction in Berlin. In a different frame, you would see many people.

My Frame vs Yours:

Tourists out of view
We frame things differently

I like this angle.

84650017 (800x530)

I have been to Berlin many times. Some good friends live there, and this image was taken, coming out of the station nearest where one of my friends live. The first time I arrived here, I felt so disoriented. Now I know this area pretty well.

“From Where Do I Go?” to “Feels Like Home”:

I felt so damn lost,
arriving here the first time.
I could live here now.

84650018 (800x530)

As a photographer, and a tourist, I like to do my own thing.

I’ll Go This Way:

Going your own way,
Is usually better,

than following crowds.

84650016 (800x517)

Near the Berlin wall memorial:

You Are Free:
Emerge into it
Your are free to move around

Nothing prevents you.

84650008 (800x530)

I think this is at / or a stop near Bülow Straße:

Stations Are Reflection Posts:

Easy to reflect,
on your life and other lives
while waiting for trains.

09100020 (800x530)

Go check out: Berlin on Film on instagram for more images from Berlin.

dialogues with solitude

On Thursday last week, I went to The Photographers’ Gallery (TPG). A lot of great work on show at the moment, but I was most struck by the exhibition of David Heath’s Dialogues of Solitude. Like so many of these exhibitions at TPG, I’m discovering the work of a photographer, I should know, but don’t. Oof, and what great work. I love great portraiture.

With only 15 mins before closing, I only had enough time to study each picture long enough to recognise myself. These are the best portraits; where the emotions is so there, so recognisable.

Afterwards I walked around Soho in a light drizzle. Confidently, coolly through streets I know well. And yet, I feel like I must have looked slightly hunted / haunted / lost. Like one of DH’s subject’s.  Sometimes the crowd(ednes)s makes me feel anxious. Like I’m fighting my way through lines of wet curtains.

At Curzon Soho, a film called Birds of Passage is showing. I’d love to be able to fly. Instead I got the Bakerloo line.

split cam / film 1

Results from recent experimenting with a new toy cam I acquired recently. Very basic plastic camera called “split cam”. I bought mine at the Photographer’s Gallery in London for £7, but I’ve seen them go for as much as £30 on “gifts” sites. Don’t be a dummy and pay £30. I was too impatient to fill a whole roll before developing. I’m pretty pleased with the initial results. Let me know what you guys think. Do more?






Cjackie8-R1-16-16 (2)

Cjackie8-R1-17-17 (2)

Cjackie8-R1-20-20 (2)