film 12 // snow day

I haven’t been shooting any film in the last few weeks. Lacking inspiration / motivation at the moment. But we had a rare snow day on Sunday, and I decided to go out and shoot a roll. I’m currently midway through a colour film on the Konica, and felt like shooting B+W, so dug out my dad’s old Chinon CP-7M. That one also had a half shot film in it, but it was an expired roll, and I didn’t have high expectations of it anyway, juding by the last expired roll I had developed. I might double expose it at some point. Think the last time I touched it was when I was shooting some mega sunset from my window back in November.

Anyway, decided to try a roll of Rollei RPX25. I shot one of these last summer and the results were pretty interesting. I developed it using Rodinal at 1+50 (11 min dev time; 30 secs inversion and then once every minute or so), and the usual Ilford stop bath and fixer. I probably need to make the stop bath fresh at some point, because the colour is starting to turn. I’ve been using deionised water in my final wash, with Ilfotol in the very final rinse. It seems to have done the trick to avoid water marks. No major scratches on this one that I could see, so I was pretty happy.

Think this is my favourite shot. Lowry painting-esque feel to it.

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