lomochrome purple / film 1

You know when you see examples of something and think it’s cool or interesting, but it’s not really for you? But then you actually try it out yourself and end up digging it? That’s what my recent experience was, when I finally tried out Lomography’s Lomochrome Purple film. I’d been crying “nah, I’ll pass” for ages, and ended up swooning a bit over the results in the end. This is was I love about film; the unexpected results you get sometimes.

I knew I wanted to focus on shooting plants, because, well, I love them. I also knew I might get some interesting colour variations. I shot these mostly at ISO 400, going down to as low as 160, as the day turned from grey and rainy to progressively brighter and sunnier.

I’ll admit, together on a page these pictures might appear slightly “garish” almost, because of the loud colours. A bit like eating too much sickly sweet candy. Or like a table, sticky with spilled soda. But individually, I think they are pretty cool. They just beg to be given room to breathe on a white wall / as individual postcards or album covers. Waiting for your print requests.

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