Konica C35: Film 1

After a few years of playing around with bakelite shell lomography cameras, I decided this year that I wanted to invest in a somewhat sturdier 35mm camera. I wanted something compact, with a range of focal lengths / aperatures. When I started shopping around, I was originally looking at an Olympus Trip 35. Purely because I liked the look of it to be honest! Yeah, bit of guilty hipstering maybe. After watching a few video reviews online, I eventually settled on the Konica C35 though (Japanese made, dating from the early 1970s, and still cool-looking). It was refurbished by the seller, and looked in good condition on first inspection, though was somewhat heavier than I expected it to be. These are a few of the best shots I achieved with the first film I tried in it; 400 ASA Kodak Gold. I felt this camera and I could be friends after seeing these. All of these images are from a trip to  Klaipeda and Juodkrante in Lithuania in September 2016.


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