lo-fi double exposure collab / fomapan 100

I really enjoy collaborating with other creatives and making something together. It’s something I always want to do more of, whether it’s music and video, mixed media or photography-related.

Back in November 2021 or thereabouts, I shot a roll of Fomapan 100 in my janky Harrow camera, and then sent it off to my photography bud Norbi Whitney (forever on the move, but in Berlin at the time) so he could double expose it in his Holga. A nice little lofi film collaboration.

Previously he’d sent a roll of Ilford FP-something to me, which I had double-exposed over here in London. The results were a little lacklustre/hit-and-miss though, so while shooting the Fomapan roll, I tried to take some notes to help him compose his shots. Me being me, I lost track of which frame was which at some point, but generally-speaking I think the notes helped yield a higher number of satisfying shots, as evidenced in this really cool video he made of the results. I’m also including a few of the shots here. I really recommending giving him a follow. It took absolute ages to complete this collaboration, as he ended going on tour for a couple of months, and we only just completed it in the third quarter of 2022, but the results are totally satisfying, so worth it. 🙂

split cam / film 1

Results from recent experimenting with a new toy cam I acquired recently. Very basic plastic camera called “split cam”. I bought mine at the Photographer’s Gallery in London for £7, but I’ve seen them go for as much as £30 on “gifts” sites. Don’t be a dummy and pay £30. I was too impatient to fill a whole roll before developing. I’m pretty pleased with the initial results. Let me know what you guys think. Do more?






Cjackie8-R1-16-16 (2)

Cjackie8-R1-17-17 (2)

Cjackie8-R1-20-20 (2)


Konica C35: Berlin (pt 1)

I’ve just returned from my 5th (I think?) visit to Berlin over the last few years, and again I have loved spending time in this cool city. It was overcast and raining / misting most of the time, so I wasn’t expecting much from the pictures I took, but I’m pretty damn happy with some of these. Forget photographing momuments, this is the city. Film used: my go to Kodak Gold 400ASA. The featured images is the view from the steps coming out of Eberswalder str U-bahn station in Prenzlauer Berg.

Few shots in Freidrichschain, between Warschauer str and the East Side Gallery / Oberbaum bridge:





En route to Kreuzberg coming from M10 tram going via U8 at Bernhauer str. There’s a Berlin Wall memorial just out of sight to the right of this shot:


A few shots in the city centre (Mitte), with the sun starting to break through the rain:





Blonde on blonde on U2: