Konica C35: Berlin (pt 1)

I’ve just returned from my 5th (I think?) visit to Berlin over the last few years, and again I have loved spending time in this cool city. It was overcast and raining / misting most of the time, so I wasn’t expecting much from the pictures I took, but I’m pretty damn happy with some of these. Forget photographing momuments, this is the city. Film used: my go to Kodak Gold 400ASA. The featured images is the view from the steps coming out of Eberswalder str U-bahn station in Prenzlauer Berg.

Few shots in Freidrichschain, between Warschauer str and the East Side Gallery / Oberbaum bridge:





En route to Kreuzberg coming from M10 tram going via U8 at Bernhauer str. There’s a Berlin Wall memorial just out of sight to the right of this shot:


A few shots in the city centre (Mitte), with the sun starting to break through the rain:





Blonde on blonde on U2:



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