Incidentally Perfect

The picture I’m featuring in today’s blog is one of my favourites. I shot this from the hip on my mobile phone, as I was walking home from a quick shop run. I saw the text; which I believe was part of a heart health ad, and framed it out of context. Hey, it begged to be. As I pushed the shutter though, a bus came into frame. This all happened in a few seconds, and the phone went back in my pocket. I only noticed much later, when I was looking at it again, how incidentally / accidentally perfect it was.

It’s the two strangers on the top deck that get to me. The reflection against the glass siding of the bus stop shelter creates the illusion that they are seated facing each other, but invisible to each other. Or ignoring each other. In fact, one is sitting behind the other. It seemed/seems like such a perfect illustration of how life in London can be sometimes. We see each other, but we don’t. This, combined with the “skip heartache”. Well, it’s heartbreakingly perfect to me.

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